December 30, 2012

What frugal eating looks like: Christmas, baby!

We had a pretty quiet Christmas around here. I grew up celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, mostly because my grandpa was an air traffic controller and always volunteered to work Christmas day so others wouldn't have to (plus the money was good, i imagine). Even after his retirement it remained a tradition. So, I have kept it a tradition with us, too. We eat a nice dinner and open presents in the evening, and on Christmas day we call family, go to a movie and a short hike.

I made ham, baked pineapple souffle, scalloped potatoes, and homemade rolls. And it was so good I didn't even care about getting pictures.

 scalloped potatoes! yum!
We are still eating on that dang ham! It is so good! The next morning I made breakfast sandwiches with the leftover rolls, ham, pineapple and egg. It was fantastic.

Later in the week we enjoyed some raspberries I found on sale for dessert with homemade chocolate sauce.....
....and a big crock pot full of ham soup and cheesy whole wheat biscuits. In the soup were great northern beans, pinto beans, corn, tomato, onion, bell pepper, and carrot. The base for the soup was homemade ham stock (The day prior I put the ham bone in the crock pot, covered it with water, and let it go on low all day. It made an incredible stock).

I also used my new cast iron skillet to make oven fajitas topped with cheese......

and used my new tortilla press to make homemade tortillas!!! Wahoo!

 Biscuits and gravy...
 Christmas apple pie....
 Needless to say our pants are a little tights, and I have a date (or 50) with a spin class three times a week. Starting after the first, of course. hehe :)

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