December 30, 2012

Home-brewing: a day in pictures

Our newest supplies, thanks to my dad!
 Thanks to my dad for the gift card! We got these sweeeeet cobalt bottles with reusable cork-style caps. Love them! Also got a wort chiller, regular bottle caps, carboy dryer, sanitizer, and another brew kit. We plan on using the brew kits until we get the process down, then making our own recipes from there.
 Transferring our beer to the bottling bucket....
 Bottling! Yay! the beer will sit for another 2-4 weeks in order to carbonate, then it will be ready to be enjoyed!
Our wort chiller made the second batch of beer we started a lot easier. Glad we were able to get this piece of equipment! The copper coils are placed inside the hot wort (beer prior to yeast being added) and cold water from your tap runs through the coils. It cools the wort quickly to reduce the risk of bacteria growth, and also helps control the temperature of the wort prior to adding the yeast. Love it!

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