January 1, 2013

Good Morning, January 1st!

2013....hmmm. Something about the way that sounds makes me apprehensive. It shouldn't....I know I should feel inspired to begin anew, but I can't help but look at a new year with concern and maybe even a little fear.

This year we have vowed to do more with less. I'm not sure how we can even find less, but if there's fat to be trimmed, by God we are gonna do it. I think we are both sick of letting our financial situation run our lives. That's it. We've had it. We are taking control....and if taking control means doing with less to achieve more, I think we are both ready for the challenge. More into savings each month so we can finally pay off these damn credit cards. Less meat on our table will probably make us healthier anyways. You can all look forward to more meatless recipes on this blog, ha!

We brought in the New Year with a nice dinner:
stuffed still!

A free turkey we got from work, some scalloped potatoes, and some balsamic onions. The onions were the star, and complimented the turkey so very well!

3 onions, 1 tbs sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar.
And a beautiful turkey she was.

mmmm turkey tastes better when it's free!
I began the new year on a frugal high note: before we went to bed I put some beans in the crock pot, so this morning I was able to start the day by freezing one large freezer bag of cooked beans, and two smaller quart bags. These will come in handy for soups, stews, and burritos later this month. Our crock pot is working hard again this morning: making homemade turkey stock from the leftover bones.

We had a quiet, simple breakfast to start off the new year.... J had a turkey, tomato and mushroom omelet:
he's crazy with all that hot sauce!

I enjoyed a nice little piece of peanut butter toast. And by little I mean gargantuan. And of course, coffee abounds.

2013....prepare to get owned. We're coming for you.

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