January 1, 2013

Garden plan for 2013

Along with trimming the fat with our budget, I plan on amping up our garden this year. I was able to do this cheaply by buying our 2013 garden seeds with a gift card Josh's aunt gave us.

Here's what I got for $35.00 (free to me!)
You will soon be food! Muahahaha!

-French Marigolds (keep away bugs)
-Blue Lake Bush Beans (compact space savers!)
-Golden Acre Cabbage
-Purple Beauty Bell Peppers (so excited to try this!)
-Anaheim Chile Pepper
-Amish Paste Tomatoes
-Table Queen Bush Acorn Squash (high yield designed for small gardens!)
-Winter Density Romaine Lettuce
-Red Wethersfield Onion
-Mammoth Basil

Yay! I still have leftover seeds from last year I plan on using, too. The only thing left for me to buy that will come out of pocket is mulch, more tomatoes from the local nursery, garlic, cucumber, and potatoes. Can't wait :)

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