January 6, 2013

What frugal eating looks like: New years!

Yeah my christmas tree is still up, what about it?
Cheers! Welcome to 2013! We started off our new year like most people do: with a resolution to try and eat healthier! We'll see how long it lasts :P I took a couple of days off (I had vacation time that was expiring), so I started my day with a delicious smoothie using yogurt, oj, and frozen strawberries from last springs harvest. It was awesome. I forgot how in love with smoothies I am. Then I proceeded to clean out the kitchen cabinets and reorganize them. Its a glamourous life, I know! :D
homemade white-whole wheat bread.
 Leftover from New Years turkey that I ran through my new meat ginder, mixed with pickles, miracle whip, and spicy mustard. This was how my grandma made turkey salad when I was a kid. I love the fine texture....eating it made me think about her.
 Pork chops braised in tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, lentils, and cheesy toast....

Roasted red potatoes topped with a mixture of broccoli, ground turkey, and a light cream sauce.
 Our first beer. They are not ready to be drank yet, but brewers recommend opening one every week to check the carbonation and how the flavors are developing. This beer is exceptionally clear, has a nice nutty caramel taste, and perfect head. If I don't say so myself! Ha! Its going to be a great beer.
Not the most attractive, but darn good!
 Breakfast yesterday was ultra frugal. Our PB jar had been scraped clean, and not wanting to waste those tiny last few spoonfuls, I made quick oats and poured them inside. Topped with a little cinnamon, it was a great healthy, filling breakfast (with minimal clean up!)
It was kind of pretty to see the oats swirled with the peanut butter. It filled me up until mid afternoon, we went to the gun show and walked around for several hours, and then grabbed some lunch at red robin. We were both happy to get back home and away from the crowds, back to our tiny, quiet piece of earth.

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope this year brings us all peace.

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