January 12, 2013

What frugal eating looks like: his and hers

mmmm garlicy and peanut-y
Pork chops satay with brown rice, his and her portions. 

I have been trying pretty hard to cut my portion sizes. It has helped a lot....I've lost just about 5 pounds. Woo hoo! I think after you get married, settle into a job and hobbies, its easy to just kind of forget about taking good care of your body. That has definitely happened to me. Tight jeans sure do snap you back to reality though, ha!
 Curried lentil stew. This was amazing. My MIL sent us this soup mix a while back, (like a year ago!) and it got lost in the depths of our pantry. I was so happy to have found it this week. It was a great meal to put in the crock pot and forget about. When we got home, we had an awesome dinner waiting for us.
 Tuna salad, fruit, and cottage cheese for extra protein for me.

on homemade whole wheat toast!
 crock pot pork roast on toast, topped with a balsamic, mustard and vinegar glaze. Soooo good.
Bigelow Constant Comment
 I came home for lunch one time this week. I didn't eat lunch while I was home, but took the opportunity to sit, quietly, and drink a cup of tea. It was so relaxing, I need to take time for myself like that more often.
 Pizza made of leftover pork, a sprinkling of lentils from the curried lentil stew, and sliced onions. I made a sauce of tomato and balsamic vinegar reduction.

girls on the left, guys on the right
 For a hodge-podge pizza, it was amazing! We both really enjoyed it. Just as a note, J usually eats more at dinner because he doesn't eat breakfast (I tell him that's a bad habit but he doesn't listen :P )
 Tried something new with my crock pot this week too. Before I left for work, I put all ingredients for sauce inside: tomatoes. ground turkey, spices and onion. After I got home, I boiled some spaghetti noodles for four minutes, drained, and stirred into the sauce. The noodles finished cooking in the sauce, and soaked up the flavor.

In the meantime, I sat and enjoyed a glass of wine!

Now that the weekend in upon us, I have so much to do! I leave bright and early Monday morning for Richmond. There is laundry to be done, food to be made for J, a house that needs cleaning, not to mention our christmas tree is still up. And, I need to go to Lynchburg today to take care of a few things and do some shopping.  Looks like I'll be a busy bee.

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