December 24, 2012

The little gardener that could

Did you know that Lowes had all its bulbs on sale for 75% off a few weeks ago?! Wahoo! Unfortunately, by the time I got there the pickings were pretty slim. I was only able to get one package of pretty red tulips. Bummer!

But then, I stopped at a local nursery and found that they had their bulbs on sale, too! My luck turns around! Wahoo again! I picked up three packages of bulbs, mainly crocous and hyacinth. Crocous bloom very early, then the tulips blooms, then the hyacinth. I bought those three package for just 5 dollars. Not bad :)

Anyways, yesterday I bundled up and headed outside to get those baby's in the ground. The front of our house is so plain, so I hope these dress it up a bit in the spring time.  All in all, I planted 45 bulbs. Most of them out front, but a few around the trunk of the maple tree on the side of the house.

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