January 20, 2013

A must read!

Good Sunday morning to you! The past week has been full of gross cafeteria food (I have been at a job training) as will the next week, so I can't say I have a lot of pretty pictures. Actually, I don't have any pictures. Trust me, nothing that I ate would you want to see. It was pretty gross, aside from a salad here and there.

Anyways, since I was to stay at this training's housing facility, I brought along my nook and dived into a few books. I cannot recommend this one enough:
go here to purchase!

Whether you are just starting to eat whole foods or are already a pro bread maker, this book will open your eyes to all of the things that can be made at home naturally and most importantly quickly. I was astounded at how easy some of these recipes are. Ketchup? Mustard? Mozzarella Cheese? Homemade pasta? Did you know pasta only uses flour and egg yolks? Holy crap, batman, what have I been missing all this time?!

I recommend taking a peek at this book. There are recipes for every level of cooking experience, and her instructions are clear and concise. Next weekend I will show you how to make homemade mozzarella cheese, and maybe some homemade pasta too...I cant wait to give it a try!

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