January 27, 2013

Goals for January/February

Long time no see! To say that I was happy to be back from Richmond is the understatement of the year. After a good nights sleep in my bed (heaven!) I promptly got in my kitchen and had a cooking marathon. But more on that later!

Goals for January/February
Gardening goals
-Finish purchasing seeds
-Measure, stake, and tie off garden area
-Continue to collect small containers to use as seed starters

Cooking goals
-Make homemade pasta Done!

-Make homemade mozzarella, ricotta, and cream cheese

Household Goals
-Come up with a pantry organization system
-Find baskets for the freezer (more on this later!)

Today there will be more posts, but I am having difficulty getting the pics off my phone- so please be patient. Also, I haven't even had my coffee yet! blar.

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