January 27, 2013

How to make homemade pasta

Hint: its really easy.

All you need for one pound of pasta:
2 cups all purpose flour
3 eggs

I was out of all purpose flour, so I used a mixture of whole wheat and bread flour. Bread flour has a higher concentration of protein, making it slightly chewier, so I will avoid this next time. My noodles were good but a little on the chewy side.

First, pile up your flour on a clean counter. Make a well in the middle, like a volcano.

Break the eggs into the well.

Using a fork, lightly beat the eggs, gradually incorporating them into the flour.

It will be sticky and messy at first, but once the dough comes together knead it with your hands until a smooth ball forms. Using a pasta roller or a rolling pin (I didn't have a pasta roller, but I sure want one now, because this was a work out!) roll the dough gradually from thick to very thin. I couldn't get mine that thin because of the springiness of the bread flour, so I just did the best I could.

cut the dough into strips if you're making spaghetti, or leave in sheets if you are making lasagna, or shape into whatever kind of pasta you want. Let the dough dry for 5 mins to 1 hour.

Liberally salt a pot of boiling water (1tbs should be fine). Boil the noodles for 2 minutes.

I made up a quick sauce of butternut squash, butter, thyme, cinnamon, and red pepper flake.

Top with a little mozzarella and you're good to go!

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