February 23, 2013

Be still, my heart

Coming home to a box of things from Vitacost on your kitchen table....well....its just so awesome! Its like finding flowers on your car (from someone you like, not a stalker), or coming home to find out your husband did the dishes, or finding a sale on gardening supplies! Maybe I have a warped sense of what is awesome? Who cares! I heart Vitacost!

Heres what I got:
2 bags hulled barley
1 bag rainbow quinoa
1 bag couscous
1 bag red lentils
1 bag white popcorn
1 bag sesame seeds (to make my own tahini!)
1 bag of dried chickpeas

Wowzers, batman! I can't wait to get cooking! The best part is that I used a 10 dollar off a 30 dollar purchase coupon for these, so I got a great deal. They shipped quickly, too....so I think I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

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