February 16, 2013

It's just a tribute

Here's whats on my mind this week:

Red Lentils. Found these at our local health food store, and I kinda fell in love (I can't lie, it's mostly because of the pretty color)...and they're pretty cheap, too.

Green chai tea....spicy, light, refreshing! They should pay me to be their spokeswoman. This tea tastes like winter coming to an end...still a little heavy with spice, but refreshing like spring :) Don't I sound like a hippy?

Of course, what would life be like without some local honey? Especially out of a nifty jar that I got for .50 at a garage sale?
Homemade buns for bratwurst, whole wheat:

A bag of ground corn to make mexican polenta casserole (more on that later....)
Bob: a man after my own heart.
 You'll be seeing more recipes with alternative grains and new (to me) ingredients soon. The reason for this and upcoming recipes will be discussed at a later date :)

I'm a sucker for a good list.
 As I mentioned last week, I'm heading back to Richmond this week. I picked up a box of granola bars (it was a weak moment, I admit). When I got home, I was looking at the back. I was reminded why I make my own granola bars. Take a look at this nasty ingredient list:
holy blue lake #2, batman!
 And finally, a special thank you to my husband, who made a really bad day better with this beautiful addition to my kitchen table. I liked them so much I seat-belted them into my car and took them to my office to enjoy, too (because I'm a nerd like that).
50 shades of Pink

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