February 10, 2013

Fatty McFaterson

strawberry bread with too much fresh butter
Oh, you have a new years resolution to lose weight? That's nice. Unfortunately, seeing how Valentines day is this week(also known as chocolate coma day), we are just going to throw all those grand ambitions out the window and go full on fatty. Life is too short people- enjoy it before it's over.

 Whats more unhealthy than butter? Not margarine. Not i cant believe its created in a lab and kind of looks like butter. I'm talking Full Fat. Heavy cream. Salted. Butter.

In the words of George Takei....oh, my...

Get a mixer, pour in some heavy cream. Add a dash of salt.

whip it good
 Beat the loving crap out of it.
had you added sugar instead of salt, this would be whipped cream. but its not.

It takes a while....don't lose patience.

Eventually, the cream will break, leaving you with lovely clumps of butter.

Whoa, it's like magic!
Spread all over everything and marvel at how good fresh butter tastes. Because it does. It's sweet, soft, grassy, and fresh. If spring-time had a flavor, this would be it. It is such treat on a toasted bagel, bread, or melted over popped corn.  Lets be honest, if you spread it on my own hand, I'd probably eat it. No shame.

Fresh butter is not heavy and oily, like the kind you get from the store. No. Oh, no. It's so much better.
soft, silky, gold.
 To store it, take all the butter pieces in your hand. Squeeze them together. Run under cold water, squeeze, repeat until you have a smooth ball.

Store in the fridge in an airtight container for 1 week.

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