February 10, 2013

Goal Check-in

I'm getting ready to leave for Richmond again for 2 weeks. Blar. I'm really not looking forward to it. I figure now is a good time to do a goal check-in, and start crafting my list for March.

Goals for January/February
Gardening goals
-Finish purchasing seeds
-Measure, stake, and tie off garden area
-Continue to collect small containers to use as seed starters

Cooking goals
-Make homemade pasta Done!
-Make homemade mozzarella, ricotta, and cream cheese

Household Goals
-Come up with a pantry organization system
-Find baskets for the freezer (more on this later!)

All in all, I accomplished a lot. I'm pretty proud. Here's my tentative list for March:

Gardening Goals:
-Landscape fabric and mulch the front of the house
-Have all seed starts going
-Stake and tie off garden area
-Complete garden plan

Cooking Goals:
-Make homemade cream cheese and sour cream
-Cook something with beets in it (i have never cooked with beets before)
-Eat from pantry (focus on things that were canned last year)

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