April 13, 2013

The difference

We recently started getting our eggs from a lady that works at the local library. She raises her own chickens and sells the eggs for $2 a dozen. I don't mind paying for these fresher-than-fresh, free-range organic eggs because in the grocery store their equivalent would be $5 a dozen.

When I tell people this is where we get our eggs, some people are grossed out. What? Why?! Eggs all come from the same place, whether you get them from a huge supply chain that feeds it's chickens pieces of their neighbors, or from down the street where the chickens dine on kale and corn.

Can you guess which ones are the farm fresh?
The deep yellow hue on the left gives it away. The yolks are sturdy but not too hard, bigger than the grocery store egg on the right. The color indicates a presence of more Choline, an important nutrient. Plus they just taste better....duh.

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