June 11, 2013

What pregnant chicks eat, volume II.

A-ha! The appetite is back! Woo hoo! It has taken several weeks, but I am finally (knock on wood) feeling like my old self (well, just a rounder, more bloated version anyway...). The last few days I have been enjoying the fruits of the season! Cherries, strawberries, peaches, yum! Things are looking up, especially after a few good meals in your tummy....

greek yogurt with strawberries and granola
Today I had a pretty overwhelming craving for Ruby Tuesday's salad bar. Random and weird, yes? So, we went, and I ate. And ate. And it was marvelous. And then I paid dearly with heartburn. Worth it! Oh, and I know you aren't really supposed to eat at salad bars. But whatever. I wanted it, and we've never gotten sick there before so I took a risk.

Pregnancy is fascinating. One day all you can eat is egg muffins, and the next you can't stand the sight of them and wonder how you are going to eat the remaining 10 that are in your freezer.....hmm.

The garden is starting to produce!

lettuce and spinach
We had a pizza with some spinach from the garden this weekend....the peas are coming in now, and it wont be long until we are enjoying tomatoes! I can't wait!

pesto pizza with dollops of tomatoes and spinach

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